Latte Art: 10 Examples Of Amazing Designs

If you are a caffeine and coffee lover, then you’ll love the images of latte art that you’re about to see. Although, the prices of lattes are getting ridiculously expensive, you can actually make your own at home. I’m not going to show you how to do that, but this guy can. Basically, lattes are just expresso and steamed milk. The making of latte art is very interesting and they even have competitions on the art.

Since I’m a huge coffee fan and apparently you are too, you should enjoy this compilation of the best latte art that I could find on the internet.

best latte art




kangaroo latte art


color dyed food latte coffee art




own latte coffee art


simple hearts lattee art


minions latte art


pirate coffee art


bear latte art

I hope you enjoyed this list of amazing latte and coffee art. Post yours below if you have any originals you would like added.

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