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21 Funny Donald Trump Faces & Photos That Will Surely Make You Laugh

The 2016 Presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has brought the world a lot of frustration, sorrow, lost hope and even people fainting at Trump’s rallies.

For some people it has brought in a lot of humor. The internet feeds upon national news such as the Presidential race.

We have compiled a list of the funniest images of Donald Trump we could find on the Internet and posted them up for you. These include Donald Trump memes, Donald Trump Toupees, Funny Faces and even a mashup of Hillary & Donald that you GOTTA SEE!

Scroll down below and take a look at the funny faces of Mr. Donald Trump:

donald trump meme
I believe in marriage, BECAUSE I HAD THREE OF THEM!


donald trump beard
Shave that beard! Donald Trump should never have a beard. If he did, this is how he would look.


Hillary & Donald
Donald loves Hillary, Donald loves Hillary


donald trump funny face


donald trump hillary clinton mashup
Hello there, sexy….


donald trump funny face - brian
Ugghh….bad news…


donald trump funny face
Heh, what’d you just say?



Donald trump funny vine videos

donald trump man bun
Donald Trump with a man bun




Donald trump promises to go to war meme.

donald trump chicken

Donald Trump, Donald Duck


donald trump red hair
donald trump red hair

donald trump funny face


donald trump funny face


donald trump toupee

There will be hell toupee – Donald Trump

donald trump corn cob hair


donald trump funny hair


donald trump bald head


donald trump funny face


donald trump funny face

We hope you enjoyed our funny Donald Trump faces that we found while scouring the Internet. Feel free to share more!

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