5 Satisfying Things About Water That Could Save Your Body

Most people do this first thing in the morning after rolling out of bed: head to the toilet and flush their bladder of any fluids, make a cup of coffee, check Facebook & Snapchat, watching Good Morning America, take a shower, get ready and head to work. But if you start your day with a glass of water, it can show some awesome benefits.

  1. Increase your metabolic rate
    You should drink water when you first get up, after you pee of course. This has shown to increase your metabolism by 30 percent. You can still have your regular cup of coffee and check Facebook. But do a little bit of chugging in between those coffee sips.
  2. No more kidney stones
    Those things are painful! If you drink water as soon as you wake up, doctors say you can decrease your chances of getting kidney stones formed. Try adding a slice of lemon to your daily water intake. It gives a bit of flavor if you don’t like the plain refreshing taste of water, but it can also keep the stones away with the citric acid.
  3. Stop headaches
    Headaches are mostly caused by dehydration. Your brain needs water. Your body needs water. Drink it up. Keep your body hydrated. This doesn’t mean only drink water in the morning. Drink water all day long.
  4. Flush them toxins
    The more that you pee, the more toxins you get out of your body. So keep drinking and keep peeing.
  5. Move your bowels
    Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning can help you poop. It regulates your insides. Get your pooping done first thing in the morning so you can enjoy the rest of your day without a cramp.

After reading this, you should have a few good reasons on why you should be drinking water first thing in the morning as well as all during the day. It can help fight away infections, diseases, rid your body of toxins and help you poop. Don’t be constipated all day long.

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