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Beard Apron Catches Your Beard Hair Trimmings


Shaving is a tedious task for some. It can be an even worse task for the women and wife’s who have to clean up after their lazy husbands who leave beard hair and clippings all over the bathroom sink.

This holiday season, every man should get a “Beard Apron” to catch their trimmings while shaving their face. A beard apron is a must have tool for men so that it leaves your sink clean after a beard trim. It takes forever to clean up the sink after shaving, so why not make it easier and catch it with an apron that you can easily dispose the hair with afterwards.

Having a beard apron means having a happy wife that doesn’t nag on you for leaving trimmings everywhere.

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beard apron catcher

Keeping a beard is the definition of a “real” man in most cultures and traditions. Beard is a sign of manliness and exhibits power and dominance. Most men tend to grow their beards as it not only looks incredibly awesome but it comes with a lot of medical advantages as well.

Beards guard a person from harmful radiations from the Sun and prevent rashes and marks on the face. However, keeping a beard isn’t a piece of cake as it requires commitment to yourself. If you believe shaving everyday in the morning is tough; I believe you have never kept a beard. Undoubtedly women are more attracted to a man with a beard or a little scruff at least.

Keeping a beard is healthy for your skin however maintaining the beard is exceptionally difficult job. Trimming your beard in regular intervals of the week might seem like a daunting task to most men as the preparations and after-math of the task isn’t quite simple. Firstly, you need to properly charge your trimmer the night before so it doesn’t stuck in the middle of the act and leave you with an uneven trim. An unevenly trimmed beard looks way more hideous as compared to an untouched beard so fully charging the trimmer is always a priority.

Some men can simply leave their beards to grow and forget about trimming altogether as their beard aligns itself perfectly on their face and grows at just the right areas. Most men aren’t so fortunate and hence need to set their beards more often. Finding the right trimmer that suits to one’s individual needs is a troublesome task if you don’t know what you’re looking for or don’t have someone to guide you.

Once you’ve got the right piece of equipment, the main act of trimming the beard comes in which is quite simple and efficient to perform. However, the real problem arises after you’re done trimming, your sink is filled with unwanted beard hair. It looks disgusting and even grosses you out to wash your hair from the sink and flush them away.

If you are living with a roommate or have a spouse/girlfriend, you need to be more careful with leaving your beard hair in the washroom sink. All of us acknowledge the fact that seeing someone else’s hair in the sink isn’t a pleasant sight and we tend to avoid using the sink altogether. This practice is not only unhygienic but may result in transmission of various diseases.

Therefore, it’s advised that men should use beard aprons while trimming or shaving their beard. Beard aprons are easy to use and are quite comfortable as well. Their utility allows you to have a clean sink and a happy roommate. The apron basically sticks to the window and allows you to trim without any worries and pick up all the trimmed hair and flush them once and for all.

Beard Apron not only saves you ample amount of effort but is also time efficient.

You can order these on Amazon –

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