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Orange Alligator Found In South Carolina

In the town of Hanahan, South Carolina, a new resident decided to show up. No, it wasn’t a human being, an immigrant or somebody from a different country. It was an orange alligator.

How did this alligator get so orange? That’s the question many are asking themselves.

Majority of alligators are a dark color such as black or olive brown and weigh around 100 lbs.

Some theories include the algae might have changed the color of the alligators skin over a period of time (btw, alligators live between 30-50 years). Another theory is the alligator skin turned orange due to rusty steel pipes that eventually made it into the waterways.

Hanahan resident Laura Carson posted about the orange alligator on Facebook and received a lot of likes & shares early on before the news sites started picking it up.

This isn’t the first time an orange alligator has been spotted. In 2011, an orange alligator was found by Venice, FL resident Sylvia Mythen:

orange alligator - venicle fl

What are your thoughts about the orange alligator? Have you seen one before?

There are crazy colorful animals in this world today. What are your favorite?

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