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Wayne Shaw Eating A Pie Goes Viral

Picture goes viral of 322 pound goalkeeper Wayne Shaw eating a pie.

But……..Why? It looks to be a publicity stunt.

Chatter on Twitter noticed that Sun Bets, a betting company linked to The Sun newspaper offered a 8-1 odds of him eating a pie on the bench during the game.

Shaw admitted after the game that he knew about the bet saying: “A few of the lads said to me earlier on, ‘What is going on with the 8-1 about eating a pie?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I’ve eaten nothing all day, so I might give it a go later on,’”.

“Sun Bets had us at 8-1 to eat a pie. I thought I would give them a bit of banter and let’s do it. All the subs were on and we were 2-0 down.” he said.

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