What In The World Is She Pulling Out Of Her Bellybutton!

Things are about to get gross, so we’ll give you a cute puppy picture beforehand.


A girl named Jamie Davis of Moore, Oklahoma was playing with her sister and noticed something odd about her bellybutton. It appeared to look like something with hair.

At first, Jamie’s sister resisted, but then she allowed her to get the tweezers out and see what was in her bellybutton that looked like hair.


It did not want to come out at first. It actually hurt to pull on it, said Jamie’s sister. She said it felt like her bellybutton was being turned inside out.


…..are you grossed out yet?


But then finally, it came out….


But what is it and why does it have hair? That’s the real question.



It’s most likely an umbolith:

Omphalolith (umbolith) is an uncommon entity under normal circumstances. However, in a deeply retracted umbilicus in an obese individual, the accumulation of sebum and keratin may lead to the formation of a stone. This calculus may remain undiagnosed for many years until revealed by secondary infection or ulceration.


You can see the original video that Jamie posted of her sister’s bellybutton here. Beware!


Also, because we love you….here’s the puppy again.


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